Bee Movie and Batman.

As is evident from the trailer, Bee Movie is essentially what might happen if the public persona of Jerry Seinfeld were placed into the three-part body of a bee. Main character Barry B. Benson is Seinfeld, complete with wry comments, high-pitched excitement, and a slight disdain for authority. Unsurprisingly, the plot is a tad strained, but does provide a framework stable enough to sustain the various inevitable punchlines. The movie tastes sweetest when using Seinfeld's jabbing humor to poke fun at either the industrious efficiency of the hive or the oddities of humans. In this regard, Seinfeld shines as usual, leaving the engaged viewer smiling consistently, chuckling frequently, and roaring occasionally.

Determining whether or not you will like Bee Movie is a simple process. If you like Seinfeld's blend of comedy, you'll enjoy it. If you don't care for his observational humor, steer clear. It's really that simple.

Bottom Line: 6 of 10, plus one because I like Seinfeld.

Since the review was truncated, here are two fantastic new Dark Knight movie posters

I particularly love these two as a pair, with the contrast of menace and protection, frozen in what could conceivably be the same moment. Next year, this movie, Indiana Jones 4 (more on that soon), and Prince Caspian are all scheduled within a month. WOW!

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