One Shining Moment.

The Final Four starts tomorrow, and if you've been anywhere near any sports media, you know that it promises to be a great one. All four teams are very good, and each matchup has plenty of juicy storylines. I'm taking Florida to shut down UCLA again, Georgetown to overpower Ohio State inside, and the Gators to simply be more complete than the Hoyas in the final. It should be a great weekend, topped off by one of the year's great sports days on Monday, when the Royals open the season at home against Boston, followed by the national title game that evening. Good times.

But the real reason for this post is to share one of the greatest blog posts you will ever see. Someone deserves a medal for this. Here are the last ten renditions of One Shining Moment, CBS's annual musical montage that recaps the NCAA tournament. It's overwrought; it's cheesy; it's melodramatic. I love it. The college basketball season is not officially over until the song has played. I feel very strongly about this. I will never, EVER watch How I Met Your Mother because of its cheap promo that parodied this esteemed song. Doogie Howser should be dragged around in the street. Maybe he'll move to Wyoming.

But I digress. Enjoy One Shining Moment, one of the highlights of my sports year.

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B. D. Mooneyham said...

Paul! You're engaged! Congratulations! You know we all expect a post describing everything in detail now. That's really great news. Engagement is fun.