This is madness!

Sorry, this isn't a 300 review. I've been a little distracted lately by basketball and...uh...stuff, so I haven't gotten to a theater since the Oscars.

My bracket is basically screwed, although I do have three of my Final Four (KU, Georgetown, Florida) left as of this post, along with my national champion (Gators). But my key upsets (Texas, Notre Dame) didn't work out, nor did my "dark horse" Final Four pick (A&M). I also chose the wrong year to take all four 10-seeds and three of the 12s, since none of either seed won. The only decent surprises I predicted were VCU in the first round and Vandy into the Sweet Sixteen. Therefore I'm done in all my pools.

The tournament so far has been solid, even though I did miss much of the best action last weekend for a wedding. But here's the best finish to any game that will happen this year. It's the Division II national championship game. Defending titleist Winona State (in white) has a 57-game winning streak on the line. They led Barton by seven with 45 seconds left; the video picks up with the Warriors at the line, up five, with 35 seconds left. And...play!



the Opinionator said...


B. D. Mooneyham said...

That is a game for the ages.

Paul, I'm curious why you gave Babel a 6.

Paco de Goya said...

Wow! That's unbelievable.

Prince of Spades said...

Babel: I'll probably try to get a Dime Bag of sorts up in the next week, but the gist of it is that I thought it was fairly well made and part of it was good, but that one of the storylines didn't quite click, and it didn't suck me in enough.